School Departments

To make things possible, we have different departments which includes two to four persons for work simplicity purposes. These departments are the Academic Department, Health and Sanitation Department, Sports and Games Department, Discipline Department, Food Department and Nursery School Department. The Nursery School Department deals with all the activities carried out in the Nursery School and is headed by the Nursery School Head Teacher. All these six departments are headed by the overall head of school who also works under the school Managing Director. The structure seen above helps the smooth running of the school and hence we achieve big results.

Today the school has more than 350 pupils for both Pre-School and Primary School, 15 teachers and 14 other non-teaching staff.

Pre-School (Nursery)

The nursery school is the entry level class at Wilkabaa School. Admission to nursery school follows a well laid out admission criteria as per directives of the school board . The age criteria is that the child should be three years plus at 1st January of the year into which she/he is about to embark.
In this section we have the following grades (classes):
Baby Class – of 3 years, Intermediate( Kg) – of 4 years and Preparatory class – of 5 years
In some cases the school accepts children of a higher age compared to the level she/he enters but with the discretion of the head of the school, and the child has to be promoted after a certain crash programme.