The following are the school rules. They have been framed by the school board of the school of Wilkabaa Nursery & Primary. We kindly request that parents and guardians cooperate with the school in ensuring the highest level of discipline is achieved by the students. This includes: making sure he/she attends school regularly, completes all the assignments given, regularly checking the students books and diary, and attending his/her progress follow up. We believe that this will enable them to attain the best out of their school time.
1. School rules and regulations
2. Examination rules
3. Promotion rules
4. Diary rules

A good school is the one with its foundations rooted in a high level of discipline and fear of the lord. Success of a school is brought about by good management, good teachers, willing and disciplined learners.
(Remember: NO SUCCESS WITHOUT SELF DISCIPLINE) We look forward to receiving your cooperation.