wilkabaa school uniform

Wilkabaa School has a compulsory school uniform. All students are required to wear the Wilkabaa School uniform.
All compulsory items have the Wilkabaa School logo and as such these items must be purchased through the school shop.



1. The school has the responsibility for setting the uniform code and making changes as required

2. The principal or head of school has the authority to sanction, in individual cases , variation from the code for genuine reasons such as medical issue or religious beliefs

3. In case of hardship, families may pay off their uniforms over a period of time ( i.e. by installments). Such an agreement will be made at the principal’s discretion

4. Students who do not comply with the code become subject to the school disciplinary procedures. Before doing so , the principal/head of school will consult the parent or care giver of a non complying student to establish whether there is a valid reasons for non compliance

5. In setting uniform code or making changes to it, the school board will regard: equity, affordability, health and safety, quality and availability