School Schedule


The school runs five days a week, Monday to Friday, starting from 7:30 am – except for the national examination candidates (i.e. class 4 and 7) who meet on Saturday from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm for extra lessons.

At 7:30am pupils gather in the compound, ready for the morning assembly at 7:45. The morning assembly runs for approximately 15 minutes, during which time staff and students sing the national anthem and school song. Afterwards, the children move to their classes for the beginning of the first class at 8:00 am.

Lessons normally run until 10:40 am when everyone breaks for a 20 minute morning tea break.  Classes then resume until 12:20 pm when they go for lunch. The lunch break lasts for  50 minutes, and at 1:10 pm the classes resume. By 2:30 pm the conventional lessons end, giving students another extra half hour for remedial classes until 3:00 pm. The children then gather for the afternoon assembly to listen to any announcements and then return home or to the boarding house.

The schedule remains the same from Monday to Thursday, but on Fridays after lunch the children attend religious teachings for 45 minutes then participate in sports and games for the remainder of the day.